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     Flavio studied Professional Photography at SENAC (Brazil, 2014) and Narrative Photography Course at the International School of International Photography GRISART (Barcelona, 2018). He worked as a freelance photographer in Brazil until 2017, when he moved to Barcelona, where he started making personal projects with Photography. He also joined VEO Collective (Barcelona, 2018). At the end of 2018, he returned to live in Brazil. Flávio lives immersed in anxiety. He lives with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a disorder characterized due to inattention, anxiety and impulsiveness. For some time he has been transforming his visual imperfections in images, creating a kind of visual "madness". In the last 5 years he has been developing some photographic projects. Everything he creates arises from "chance", in an "unconscious" way, to later blend in some form of narrative. Everything comes from an accumulation, that little by little fits on one side or the other, and sometimes it just doesn't fit, it ceases to exist. The projects that survive this mental storm in which he lives, unconsciously, perpetuate: they exist. He always does his photography projects based on his personal interactions with the world and the environment that surrounds him and his imagination. Driven by the need to transform conflict in images, he likes to go very far in his thoughts and ideas. He always says that there is nothing more frightening than to dive into his own dreams. 

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