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Flavio studied Professional Photography at SENAC (Brazil, 2014) and Narrative Photography Course at the International School of International Photography GRISART (Barcelona, 2018). He worked as a freelance photographer in Brazil until 2017, when he moved to Barcelona, where he started making documentaries and personal projects with Photography. He also joined VEO Collective (Barcelona, 2018). At the end of 2018, he returned to live in Brazil.  

Flávio lives immersed in anxiety. He lives with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a disorder characterized due to inattention, anxiety and impulsiveness. For some time he has been transforming his visual imperfections in images, creating a kind of visual "madness". In the last 4 years he has been developing some photographic projects. Everything he creates arises from "chance", in an "unconscious" way, to later blend in some form of narrative. Everything comes from an accumulation, that little by little fits on one side or the other, and sometimes it just doesn't fit, it ceases to exist. The projects that survive this mental storm in which he lives, unconsciously, perpetuate: they exist. He always does its photography projects based on his personal interactions with the world and the environment that surrounds him and his imagination. Driven by the need to transform conflict in images, he likes to go very far in his thoughts and ideas. He always says that there is nothing more frightening than to dive into his own dreams. 

Since 2015, his work has been featured on digital platforms (EyeEm, Berlin, 2016), photography contests (World in Focus finalist, PDN Magazine, New York, 2016) and participation in collective book publications (Round not Square, Berlin , 2016; Photography Yearbook of the Rencontres de la Photographie de Arles, 2019) and magazines (Opus Magazine, Brazil, 2017; Global Grisart, Barcelona, 2019/2020; La Maleta de Portbou, Barcelona n.40, 2020).

In August 2016, he was selected by the Festival Mês da Fotografia (2016 edition) , and participated in the Collective Exhibition of Photographers from the Midwest(Centro Oeste), at Galeria Acervo, of the National Museum of Brasilia, Brazil.

In 2018, his Project Tormenta was presented during the exhibition “Five Seconds” at the Biblioteca Agustí Centelles (Barcelona). 

The mokups of the his photo books Tormenta and SPAM projects were selected and displayed at the Fiebre Books Madrid 2018 at the Grisart booth (table). 

The SPAM Project was also selected and presented in video format at the Foto Colectania Foundation in Barcelona (2018).

In 2019, the Tormenta project was selected and participated in the “Portfolio Presentation” platform of the Tiradentes Photography Festival - “Foto em Pauta”, Brazil.

As a member of the Veo Collective, he presented and coordinated the “Veinte Pequeños Azulejos Grises” (Twenty Small Gray Tiles) Project, winner of the Fotograma Livre call at the Porto Alegre International Photography Festival, “FestFoto Poa” (12 edition), Brazil, 2019.

Finalist in Siena Photo Festival 2019, in the storytelling category (Italy), with the SPAM project.

In 2019, Finalist of Descubrimientos FotoEspaña, Madrid (Spain).

In June (2019), he was selected to present his photographic projects during the V Latin American Photography Forum on the platform “Share your portfolio” (São Paulo).

In 2019, the mockup and video of the SPAM project were shown on “The Library Project” during the Photo Ireland Festival, and then the video and mockup of the SPAM were incorporated into the collection of the Photo Ireland Festival Library.

In July-August 2019, selected images participated in Images en Ville collective expo, in the neighborhood of la Roquette in Arles, (Arles, France).

In 2020, the project Tormenta was one of the five finalists of the Foto em Pauta Photobook Award (Edition 2019/2020).

In 2020, the photographs and the mockup of the Tormenta project were incorporated into the collection of Joaquim Paiva (The biggest photography private collection in Brazil). 

In 2020, he was selected by Atelie Oriente (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil) to participate in the Corp_Urbano Exhibition during the Tiradentes Festival 2020. (Exhibition that took place online due to Pandemic).

In november 2020, photographs from the project Placebo were selected and presented inside the project "Por dentro de um Tempo Suspenso"(Inside a Suspended Time), organized by Foto em Pauta(Tiradentes-MG), FotoRio(Rio de Janeiro), Foto Festival Solar de Fortaleza e DOC galeria(SP), Brazil.

In February 2021, he was a finalist in the Fotograma Livre call at the Porto Alegre International Festival, “FestFoto Poa” (14 edition), Brazil, with the Placebo project.

Also in February 2021, the video presentation of the Tormenta project was selected to be shown during the Fotofilmes(movies made with photos) Exhibition at the Hercule Florence Festival, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

In March 2021, the mockup from the first version of the photo book Crossing the Parallel(Cruzando o Paralelo) was a finalist for the Lovely Award at the Photobook Category within the Imaginaria Festival, São Paulo, Brazil.

April, 2021, the video of Tormenta project was also presented at the  CLAI, o Circuito Livre de Arte Contemporânea de Campinas(CLAI, the Free Circuit of Contemporary Art in Campinas), Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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