Brazilian Photographer (born in 1969). Graduated in Professional Photography from SENAC (Brazil, 2014) and Narrative Photography Course at the International School of Photography GRISART (Barcelona, ​​2018).  Flavio Edreira worked as a freelance photographer in Brazil until the second semester of 2017, when he moved to Barcelona (Spain), where he began to carry out documentary and personal projects with Photography. He also became member of the Photography Collective called VEO (Barcelona, 2018).

   His work is based on his personal interactions with the world and the environment that surrounds him. His photographic interests are in capturing the different manifestations of human behavior, their peculiarities and idiosyncracies. Compelled by the need to transform conflicts into images, he likes to go far in his thoughts and ideas, exploring the relationships between the human, the chaos and the decadence of modern life.

   Since graduating in photography, his work has been featured on digital platforms (EyeEm / Berlin, 2016), photography competitions (World in Focus finalist, PDN Magazine - New York, 2016), and participation in book publications (Round not Square / Berlin, 2016) and magazines (Opus Magazine / Brazil, 2017).

   In 2018, his Project Tormenta was showcased during the “Five Seconds” Exhibition at the Agustí Centelles Library in Barcelona (October, 2018), and he had the mockup books of his Tormenta and SPAM projects selected and exhibited at Fiebre Books Madrid 2018 at Grisart’s stand. SPAM was also selected and presented in  video format at the Fundació Foto Colectania de Barcelona (November, 2018).

   In 2019, Flavio was a finalist at the Tiradentes Photography Festival - “Foto em Pauta”, Brazil (march, 2019). As a member of the the Veo Collective, he presented and was the coordinator of the Project “Veinte Pequeños Azulejos Grises”, which was the winner of the call for the “FestFoto Poa - International Photography Festival of Porto Alegre, Brazil (April, 2019). He was a finalist at the Siena Photo Festival 2019 in the Storytelling category (Italy), Finalist of Descubrimientos PhotoEspana 2019 (Madrid, Spain), and in June he was also selected  to present his photography projects during the V Fórum Latino Americano de Fotografia on the “Share your Portfolio Plataform” (Sao Paulo ,Brazil).


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